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E4’s Body Fixers Season 2

Watch Daniel on E4's Body Fixers Season 2, every Tuesday starting 13 Sep, 9pm

After a successful first season of E4’s Body Fixers, we’re in for a treat with a second season, boasting some familiar faces, including our very own, Daniel Granger of Daniel Granger Hairdressing, Northampton. This new season picks up where the first left off and show gives viewers the most extreme, shocking and hilarious beauty and hair fails, mixed with a team of talented and thriving professionals, resulting in prime time telly you cannot miss. Be sure to support Daniel and the rest of the Body Fixers team and watch them as the series unfolds.

Season 2 Episode 3 Highlights

We just witnessed the brave and the sexy!

It takes a lot to admit your image isn’t everything it should be, but never fear, the Body Fixers are here! This week we saw Daniel strip back Holly, a burlesque dancer with heaps of confidence behind her facade, so her everyday self could be just as impressive off the stage then on. Teaming up with April and Alex, Daniel cut and coloured Holly’s hair leaving her with a sexy purple do— we love it! Next we saw Daniel tackle Heather, an England women’s Olympic rugby player who suffers with alopecia. Even though Heather was kinda used to taking it on the chin everyday, it was about time to transform her from mistaken bloke to striking lady. Daniel worked with a wig to cut, colour and style Heather’s way to the winning side and by god did he do it! Wow, that’s a touch down and a half. To the rest of the Body Fixers team, a huge congrats, we can’t wait to see the next episode.

Daniel Granger in E4's Body Fixers creates an array of colourful hair.


Season 2 Episode 2 Highlights

That pure intense emotion was amazing!

That was awe inspiring! Mr. Daniel Granger and Alex Henry joined forces tackling JSky and his OTT look and appearance, including large hooped earrings and larger than life style. But nevertheless, the dynamic duo managed to conquer the facade, bring him back down to Earth as a cool, sleek and sophisticated cat. Well done. Next Daniel had time to do a quick pink dye job on Robin; she looks lush! Lastly, emotions really started to fly as Parish turns up with a heart aching story; as a sufferer from Alopecia Areata, she has experienced something no woman, or man, would ever like to go through. But Daniel was to the rescue, as one of his many talents is creating and styling real human-hair wigs (Trend Co), leaving his clients feeling fantastic again. We can certainly say from her expressions, Daniel, you have restored her confidence with a life-changing fix, bravo! To the rest of the Body Fixers team, a huge congrats, we can’t wait to see the next episode.

Daniel Granger in E4's Body Fixers creates an array of colourful hair.

Season 2 Episode 1 Highlights

It's been a long wait, but it was worth it!

And there we have it, the first episode of the second season for E4’s Body Fixers; was it worth anticipated wait, hell yeah it was! We saw our very own Daniel tackling some mangy dreadlock achieving an absolutely exceptional hair transformation on Jasmine, making her look and feel very smart and sexy. Next we saw the new hair duo, Daniel and Danny Richo taking on Asma with aim to make her the centre of attention at her cousins wedding. Along with help from Alex on make-up, Asma was ready for the dance floor with her luscious new locks; bangalore! We know she’ll be a knock-out. Lastly on Daniel’s plate of transformations was Mike. Much yearning for a holiday and a night with someone special, Mike had one hidden problem; baldness… well, not for long. After a session with Daniel, Mike was looking top form and we know that two and a half years of abstaining from sex will be over for sure! Good luck, mate. This first episode of the second season also saw Stephen Bear (Charlotte Crosby’s fella) from Celebrity Big Brother and Just The Tattoo Of Us, revealing his deepest insecurity—not to be missed! To the rest of the Body Fixers team, a huge congrats, we can’t wait to see the next episode.

Daniel Granger in E4's Body Fixers make Nicola, a recent breast cancer survivor the happiest woman alive





The build up…

Meet the team

Daniel Granger in E4's Body Fixers
Daniel Granger

You've reminded me why I love my job

More about Daniel Granger

As a child, Daniel wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and become an architect or a builder. The idea of creating something practical and beautiful, from the ground up, appealed to him at a young age. One Christmas after his father passed he was given a pair of clippers with the intention of saving money by cutting his hair at home. This is where his passion for hair dressing began. His biggest drive was to have a business of his own, and at the age of 20 he started his first salon.  When not cutting hair in the Body Fixers Salon he also owns and runs an award winning salon in Northampton.

Daniel has a string of industry awards to his name and been a finalist at the Eastern British Hairdresser of the Year Awards for 3 years, being voted one of the top 6 in the country. He was also a finalist in the ‘Great British Hair’ television series – however removed himself from that competition after realising the job offered as a prize would prevent him from seeing his family and friends. He’s done session styling for numerous international publications, taught hairdressing around the world and has an A-list client list.

Daniel likes to keep at the forefront of cutting edge hairdressing techniques and is constantly evolving his skillset. “Precision cutting is the strongest of my skills utilising line, layer and graduation to create any look, build weight, add texture or volume to an otherwise ordinary haircut. An understanding of the fundamental techniques can take you from the commercial to the avant-garde”.

Daniel is a workaholic – he cuts hair every day of the year “if you love what you do you want to do it every day”.

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